Tungsten is a light grey durable metallic element that has the highest melting point and tensile strength of any metal. Tungsten rings are made out of a tungsten carbide because pure tungsten is difficult to operate on. For men, tungsten rings are fast becoming the go to choice for everyday occasions and even weddings.

They keep their original polish and shine for decades. Tungsten carbide can only be damaged by extremely hard elements like diamond. As such, they are very durable and can be worn on a daily basis without worries of gradual wear and tear. However, they are not unbreakable therefore care should be taken to avoid concentrated forces as tungsten rings are brittle.


Men generally do not like investing a lot of money into their accesory even if its a wedding ring as compared to women. Because of this, tungsten rings provide an affordable alternative. Tungsten rings are considerably more affordable when compared to other jewelry materials such as platinum, gold, silver, palladium and titanium.

It is recommended that when choosing tungsten as your preferred metal to opt for one that use nickel as the binder as the cheaper ones bound by cobalt have been reported to cause skin itches and rashes. Additionally, as men are naturally rough beings, you will not have to keep replacing your rings thus saving you a lot of cash in the long run. You definitely will not have to worry about losing the ring.


Tungsten rings can be combined with several other elements to provide diverse aesthetically pleasing finishes. Go for rings donned with your favorite colors or metals to match your complementary accessories. The rings can be used during all daily activities without worrying about damages. They are especially a good choice for manual laborers.

Men can not only use the rings for weddings. Additionally, they can be used as fashion pieces or creative gift items for numerous occasions. As a plus, they come in a range of colors like black, silver, gold, blue or white. However, tungsten rings cannot be resized because tungsten is not malleable. If you happen to gain weight you have to purchase a new one.


With tungsten rings, there are more varieties and style options for men than there are for women. Below are several tungsten ring styles that are popular among men.


These are tungsten rings that are domed along the interior surface. The diameter at the edge is greater than that of the middle part of the ring. They are used mostly because tungsten rings are difficult to resize. Also, they are wearer friendly as they easily slide into the finger with less friction. They are recommended for men with very large hands.


Also referred to as standard fit rings, they are flat along the interior surface much like a cylindrical pipe section. They are popular with men who like to adorn their rings with precious metal such as white gold or platinum.


These are tungsten rings with an added layer of texture in the form of the brushed finish. The most popular brushed rings are those with matte, satin and black finishes. Moreover, they last longer than brushed rings made out of other metals.


This style of rings involves complementing the tungsten with precious stones. The most used stone is diamond. It goes well with tungsten’s color and provides a beautiful shiny finishing. The diamonds are engraved in a linear channel along the surface of the tungsten ring. Other gems such as rubies or emeralds can be used to produce a variety of colors.


This is the most versatile style for tungsten rings. Also called inlay rings, they are any mixture of tungsten with other materials. It is very popular since contrasting textures caused by different aging speeds of materials used are visually appealing. Also, they offer a wider range of prices for men depending on the material of choice. Conservative wooden inlay tungsten rings will be much more affordable than say silver or platinum.

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