A quick look at the different metals for mens rings

Different Metals for Mens Wedding Rings

It might be a thrill for ladies but men have real trouble when it comes to choosing wedding rings. If you have proposed to anyone in the recent past, better start learning the basics about it so you can choose the best piece of jewelry for your big day. The first thing men need to understand is the types of metal commonly used to make male wedding rings:

Gold Rings

Gold is the most common metal used to make wedding rings owing to its popularity among people. There are various types of gold used to make male bands including: white, rose or yellow gold. This shouldn’t confuse you as these colors only influence the durability, price and beauty of the ring but not its quality. While gold is a first choice for many men, it is very expensive, not to mention how difficult it is to find genuine gold in the market.

Silver Rings

Just like gold, silver has been used by humankind as jewelry since time immemorial. The brilliant metal is the subject of many ancient tales but it is very soft to use alone in wedding bands or other jewelry. To make it sturdier silver is usually mixed with copper which also helps it last longer against the harsh elements.

If you decide to purchase a silver band for your wedding, make sure that you understand its purity levels. Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver and another metal while fine silver is the purest and most lustrous type. You might also come across silver plate which as the name suggests, is a thin layer of fine silver placed over a base metal. Nickel silver can be a misleading name because it is an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc. The greatest downside of silver rings is that the metal is highly susceptible to oxidation, which makes it turn black. This unfortunate fact makes it a dress metal rather than one to be used on everyday jewelry.

Platinum Rings

Platinum wedding rings have become very popular for their versatility and beauty. Being extremely rare, pure platinum might be hard to find but there are platinum alloys to choose from that look just as good. Pure platinum is silvery white and is labelled PLAT when used in jewelry while the alloys vary in color and carry an IRIDPLAT stamp to indicate this. The best feature of platinum is that it is easy to cut off the finger in case of an emergency. This metal was known by the Egyptians as little silver but today, the metal is considered more precious than gold, meaning that it is quite an expensive choice of metal for your wedding band.

Tungsten Rings

It might be the favorite metal of the arms industry but jewelers have certainly noticed the abilities of tungsten. It is a steel-gray metal with high melting point, incredible strength and resistance to scratching. Another reason why men would prefer tungsten over other metals for their wedding rings is because it is hypoallergenic and cheaper than gold or platinum. This metal is easy to mold into the shape you prefer and thankfully it is more readily available in pure form than other metals available.

The permanent polish’ on tungsten rings means that no matter what you do for a living, your wedding ring will remain bright and shiny as if it were new. Men would prefer it to other metals because of its heavy weight nature that makes them feel more solid when worn.

Copper Rings

Being the oldest metal known to man, it is inevitable that copper features in this list. The metal is quite attractive with reddish-gold hues and its part in Greek mythology makes it an ideal choice for those with an inkling for folklore. Copper jewelry is touted to have healing properties which made it a choice metal for making jewelry for goddesses in ancient history. In spite of its beauty the only downside to copper is that the color is bound to change with oxidation.

Now that you know of different metals used on wedding rings, you can comfortably make the choice depending on your budget, style or attachment. This way you will be able to explain your choice to your spouse and hopefully convince them to make a similar choice for matching purposes.

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