The Growing Popularity of Tungsten

These days, more and more people are starting to like tungsten Carbide rings because of its beauty and durability. They have started to gain popularity among people who used to prefer traditional gold and silver jewelry. However, some people may still not be very familiar with this new material.

The main material used in these rings is tungsten carbide. This is type of metal is very tough and was discovered in 1781 by Carl Wilhem Scheele. It’s colored gray and can be found in different ores like wolframite. Tungsten was primarily used in mining and mechanical applications.

Tungsten was not immediately used for rings. During the twentieth century, the metal was first used by the Germans to replace diamonds. They found out that when the metal was combined with other metals like tantalum and titanium, the metal becomes a lot more tougher. By then it became popular for cutting and milling steel and iron.

When the Second World War broke out, tungsten became very valuable. It was used mainly for creating destructive weapons to be used against the enemy.

Tungsten continued to become popular in mining, mechanical and weaponry. But it was not until the metal was combined with cobalt when the world saw another potential use for this element. The result created a tough, shiny metal, and ideal material for making jewelry.

Today, tungsten is used to make jewelry like rings. It proved to be a very good material since it has the ability to retain its shine; it’s tough, resilient to scratches, and durable. Jewelers nowadays, promote its accessorial use despite the rumors that it can be a dangerous in case of an accidents because of it toughness. People believe that tungsten rings will be hard to take off of fractured hands and other emergencies-all of which are not true to some extent. One can easily weasel it off the hand and also most hospitals have proper tool to take off the metal.

These days, tungsten rings have become more and more popular as a wedding band due to its good characteristics like: elegant, resistant, comfort-fit, lasts for years, and extremely low-cost. Due to its durability and extreme solidity, tungsten holds their shape and polish longer than any traditional bands.

Tungsten band is actually clearly the primary product pertaining to wedding bands. It is very resistance against scrapes compared to other alloys such as silver, platinum, gold, and even titanium, and it clings to the sparkle for many years. So having a tungsten wedding ring that is scratch resistant comes with a lot of benefits. Tungsten rings also have what’s called a durable strong, which means that it always look fresh, brilliant and even shiny. They don’t really need to be polished again and again, which is another advantage over other metals.

Another thing why tungsten bands are popular is that it has several different styles that are available both for men and women. While you may not have quite the variety you would with traditional metals, there are other choices that are unique to tungsten. For instance, many rings are laser carved with fixed designs. The fact that tungsten is scratch-proof means that even a subtle design will stay natural for years. Tungsten as well is very easy to maintain. No need to take it to the jewelers for regular cleanings or modifications. Tungsten rings are safe to wear to everyone since it doesn’t cause skin irritation. Also there is another form of Tungsten that has nickel as the binder and it is hypoallergenic even to those who are allergic to nickel.

Tungsten ring is rapidly becoming the most popular today. If you want value for your money, it is better to have a tungsten ring for all events and everyday use.

Jewelry-makers take pride in accessories made of tungsten because it is very durable. Aside from the fact that it is very strong, they don’t easily rust.

Tungsten rings are more than beautiful. They are excellent pieces to wear simply because they have all the qualities you want in jewelry: strength, durability, luster and beauty. There’s no doubt about it, tungsten rings are the best choice.The price of Tungsten Carbide ring varies with quality. Its advisable to always check for the best deals online.

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