There are some easy rules to follow when buying a womens engagement ring- the 2 month salary rule

In case you havent heard of this rule before- any seasoned jewellery sales person would tell you that. A bloke walks into a jewellery store clueless as to what to spend on an engagement ring. Asking the sales person what to spend on the ring would in a lot of cases be the equivalent of lodging your neck on a gullotine board.  Since this is not something a man does often, he tends to take the salesperson word and falls for it.  But here is the reality- Spend a decent amount- decent enough that it has to be substantial. Seriously if your flat screen Tv or new sound system cost more you will cause a heart ache although often it wont be expressed.  Depending on how keen on the bloke is I have seen salespeople conveniently declare a 3 or 4 month salary rule.

Ok so now what to spend on a mans wedding ring? Having worked in the jewellery trade for many years and having sold many wedding rings, I have hardly ever been asked what to spend on a mans wedding ring.What happens quite often is that the man ends up paying for his own wedding ring. Seriously this ought to be unacceptable in most cases except if one is the sole bread earner but what goes on is reality is he either ends up paying for his own ring or slaps it on to the same finance offer with the wedding and engagement ring. Well if you are making him pay for the ring, please give him the freedom of choice. The founders as you would have read elsewhere were sick of overpriced mens jewellery. While most couples have a budget of $1000 at the extreme on a mans ring- you cant really get much more than a dull old band for that money these days. Worry not, W74 to the rescue. Ladies, buy your man his wedding ring here.