Now the fact is W74 is revolutionising how men men wear jewellery they dont have hide their tawdry ring but boast wearing it. No lets get serious why, read on

It easier to start with the conclusion that not all men are cheats. No not all; infact very few of them are- rule of the universe. Ok there are plenty of ways and scenarios to look at this. We conclude( yes at the beginning) that its a very personal decision.

To start with we look at what the wedding ring signifies for different people. For many women the wedding ring is a sign of security, peace, stability and what not that they associate as the positives of a wedding. But the prime most reason it is there as a constant reminder to the commitment to their other half. It is very seldom you will see a women wear a dirty or grubby wedding ring as it is something generally very treasured, which brings us to a valid reason why men dont wear their wedding ring

  1. The ring is dirty; or unclean; or yucky. Maintaining a wedding ring can be a hassle with cleaning, and buffing, and scrubbing and what not. Get a tungsten ring- all you need a is a polishing cloth to wipe off marks. Here is the link to save you searching- Tungsten Rings
  2. Work demands Type A- Can be very broad. Example Brad needs to take off his wedding ring when he is doing work that requires him to. Angelina does that too as her work demands it- See Mr and Mrs Smith.
  3.  Work demands Type B- Sparky can get electrocuted wearing a metal ring. Tyre fitter cut through his delicate gold ring. Lot of other tradies have a valid reason. Now when someone becomes a tradie to not wear a wedding ring thats another story.
  4. Im committed but wanna look cool- Men with the philosophy just because you are dieting doesnt mean you can’t stare at the Dessert menu. Note the capitalized D. They are generally loyal and people know they are married, but they just want to not wear their wedding ring as it makes them feel cool.
  5. Allergic to everything- Some people have skin types that are allergic to anything. Again 2 sorts- some have sensitive skin that cant handle lower carat gold or silver- but metals like tungsten which are hypo allergenic are fine. Type B- Super sensitive skin- Cant have anything- Their skin cant breathe with anything on them- forget a ring- not a duvet feather for that matter or a string.
  6. Counselling Stage- Serious Issues- Happily married in the eyes of the world but he has just had enough and at the verge of a divorce- wearing the ring reminds him of the uneasiness when he gets home.
  7. The cheat- many types- the Disguised Cheat- Im not married; The player- I m married and willing; The Swingers( oops should this be classified here?) , this one’s a long list.


Ok this is not an exhaustive list- Sure theres a lot more. Show us your creatives and add to our tally. Heres a few more to get you started.


Other valid and acceptable reasons:

  • Just robbed at gun point last night. They didnt want the Rolex.
  • Lost when diving( Assuming your ring will fit snug underwater just like it is above water is a big mistake)
  • At the Pawn Shop
  • Put on/ Lost too much weight- Cant be bothered resizing or getting another ring- Im over this symbolic stuff.
  • Its here somewhere ought to come out during spring cleaning. Oh is it summer.


What do you have to add?